randall wong

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flatland: the miniature opera

FLATLAND, a Romance of Many Dimensions
a miniature opera by Randall Wong
performed by Dina Emerson and Randall Wong

Saturday, June 10, 8pm
and now, by request, an additional showing:
Saturday, June 24, 8pm

presented by the Z Space Studio
131 10th St., 3rd floor
San Francisco, CA

Adapted from Edwin Abbott's celebrated 1884 geometric novel, FLATLAND is a story about the multiplicity of dimensions and the discovery of what exists beyond the seen. It's a two dimensional world peopled by geometric shapes, of squares and circles, who learn that their universe consists of more than a simple plane. Told via the medium of "Victorian" toy theater, this is an opera presented upon a large table top stage, as if watching a performance through the wrong end of a telescope.
An evolving work in progress, FLATLAND juxtaposes the grand and the microscopically absurd, and collides Victorian stagecraft with modern tech toys.

Saturday, June 10, 8pm
and, by request, an additional showing:
Saturday, June 24, 8pm

free admission, donations accepted

for further information
rkw@neptune.net or 510-451-5551