randall wong

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Godzilla redux

I've just received grants from the American Composers Forum and the Zellerbach Family Foundation to help fund the expansion of the original 20 minute Waiting for Godzilla to a full length show. We are are tentatively looking towards Jan 2008. At the Project Artaud run in 2005 I wasn't allowed to use fire; for this next production I'm hoping to release my inner pyromaniac.

mysterious glowing object #6

I first saw these devices at the gift shop of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. They were sitting in their boxes, looking like typical educational toys. I discovered later that it's not the typical kiddie planetarium and there is no astronomical value to it. Instead, it projects slowly moving green laser stars, all different sizes and magnitudes, giving the illusion of depth. You can also add and adjust blue nebulous clouds. Rather pricey at about $200, they are consistently available from ThinkGeek.com. It will probably make an appearance in some future show as a design element, but for now I'll just stare at it. (photo from the Thinkgeek.com website)